Park & Chambers

The proposed development is for a corner site in Brunswick that faces onto a reserve. A key principal for the design is to reorient the new dwellings to take full advantage of the views and pedestrian access from the reserve. This also offers low, landscaped front yard engagement to the park.

The proposed scheme has been optimised to take advantage of the solar access afforded by its long northern boundary, while also seeking to look out to and engage with Chambers St to the east and the parkland corridor of Hardy Gallagher Reserve to the south. By orienting dwellings to face both the park and Chambers St, the proposal converts the existing dilapidated and ‘blind’ side boundary to an active frontage, whilst also addressing Chambers St.  The position of the site relative to other dwellings means that overshadowing to any adjacent dwellings or private open space can be completely avoided. There is also no outlook to adjacent private open space as this is both largely remote from the site and screened by existing built form. Outlook from the adjacent dwellings toward the subject site is very limited - privacy may be maintained and visual presence of any built form diminished.

A key principle driving the proposal is the need to address and engage with both Chambers St and the adjacent parkland environs as part of a strategy of improving outcomes for the surrounding public realm and local connectivity.  By orienting new dwellings to face the parkland corridor as well as Chambers St an activated edge may be created, enhancing the pedestrian link along the bluestone lane between Park Street and Chambers Street as well as improving safety of the adjacent public realm through passive surveillance.  In this way the proposed scheme creates the opportunity for an engaging and enjoyable pedestrian link between North Carlton and the Lygon St Activity Centre.

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