Breezeway connecting master bedroom pavilion to living pavilion| Visualisation: Urban Creative
Higg Street Country House

a three-bedroom family country house on a 7,700 sqm land

The project site is a 7,700 sqm land in Leongatha. The proposed scheme sit on a hill with great outlooks to country and the town of Leongatha. The dwelling is positioned asymmetrically to frame the arrival experience. The design consists a dam at the low side of the land to collect water on site. Orchards located at the entryway frame the views on arrival through the meandering access road to the dwelling.

The dwelling is made of three pavilions - a primary living pavilion housing the living, dining, kitchen, and a library; a master bedroom pavilion with walk-in robe and ensuite; a guest pavilion with two guest bedrooms, bathroom and a rumpus room. Master bedroom and guest pavilions are connected to the primary living pavilions through glazed breezeways.

The folding roof geometry creates expanding outward views from the living spaces, addressing both town and country outlooks. The compression toward the centre creates an upward sweep toward the corner, forming a welcoming address to the arrival experience. The folded roof geometry also allow rainwater to be directed and free fall from specific points into rock bed rain gardens below, elevating the sense of arrival during rain days.

Proposed scheme front view visualisation

Design strategy: Siting and Outlooks

Design strategy: Dwelling as interconnected pavilions

Design strategy: Glazed breezeway connecting pavilions

Design strategy: Orienting the dwelling for arrival

Design strategy: Folded roof form

Design strategy: Folded roof form to direct rainwater

Proposed site plan

Proposed ground floor plan