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Street view of proposed scheme | Visualisation: Urban Creative Studio
Two Houses for Two Brothers

This design celebrates both the connection between two clients as well as their unique qualities. The unified design ties two very different streetscapes together, whilst detailed articulation engages with the street, and yields surprises along the way.

"My brother and I chose Urban Creative for our project on the basis of the friendly, artistic and authoritative staff. We were familiar with their very impressive portfolio of domestic and international projects and we knew from the outset that we were never going to consider anyone else. As it has turned out we could not be happier with that decision.

Our brief was anything but simple. We wanted two homes that would accommodate our individual needs yet have uniformity of aesthetics. We further requested that the homes should be sustainable and utilise innovative building techniques.

Urban Creative have delivered a truly beautiful design, which has surpassed our expectations and we are delighted with the whole experience. We thank them for their patience, effort and skill. Well done." -- Client

Concept sketch of proposed scheme | Drawing: Urban Creative Studio
Project site plan | Drawing: Urban Creative Studio

Design Principles

Design summary of proposed scheme | Drawing: Urban Creative Studio
Proposed ground floor plan | Drawing: Urban Creative
Proposed first floor plan | Drawing: Urban Creative