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Future Home Competition - Stage 02

We are proud to announce that Urban Creative Studio has been shortlisted as part of The Future Homes Competition!

july, 2020 - by kai

Run by DELWP and OVGA, the Competition is seeking proposals for apartment designs within a suburban context to address the challenges of population growth, sustainability, and affordability while fostering a sense community and being good neighbours within their context.

Our proposal is about making our cities better places to live. To facilitate an enriching and adaptive way of living which is inherently urban but which also connects us to the natural and to each other. It is about embracing diversity, delivering housing affordability, and doing so in a sustainable and regenerative way.

This month our team enters into stage 2 of the competition, where we are excited further refine our design!

We wish all the other seven shortlisted entrants the best of luck for stage 02.

Find out more about Future Home Competition: https://www.vic.gov.au/future-homes