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Lumen 01.1 pendant light prototype | Photography: © Urban Creative Studio
Lumen 01.1

“The details are not the details, they are the product.”   -- Charles Eames

Take a look!

We have been having a great time working away on a new range of lighting that is now available to order from Etsy. Initially emerging as a way to improve the lighting in our own studio, the Lumen 01 series is a ribbed plywood luminaire with sleek lines and short-radius turns. Designed to filter light, the warm timber tones of the plywood are harnessed as indirect light washes down the flanks of the ribs.

Detail of the lumen 01.1 prototype | Photography: © Urban Creative Studio

The Lumen 01 series demonstrates Urban Creative’s commitment to finding innovative ways to optimise design and construction processes. The components are laser cut, reducing assembly time and the potential for waste to a minimum. The luminaire uses no glue or fixings in its assembly, relying instead on the careful crafting of joints and attention to detail. The range will include a ceiling pendant (Lumen 01.1) and a desk lamp (Lumen 01.2), with a floor lamp also possibly down the track. Prototypes of the Lumen 01.1 ceiling pendant went live at our launch party last year and were really well received.