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| Visualisation: © Urban Creative Studio
Tiny Giant House

a tiny but mighty dwelling on a micro site

Our smallest project yet, Tiny Giant House, has just received planning permission. Sitting on a tiny 31 sqm. triangular site next to Ascot Vale Station, this design for a one bedroom dwelling (plus study) shows what can be achieved through creative and efficient use of space, innovative design, and integrated sustainable strategies. Whilst it might be small, Tiny Giant House carries implications for how we can live more densely, more sustainably by utilising our existing urban environment and integrating the nature within our living space.

01 // Grounded base and lightweight upper lantern

02 // Sloped roof reduces visual impact

03 // Set back and recessive upper pavilion

04 // Planting to soften built form

| Visualisation: © Urban Creative Studio
| Visualisation: © Urban Creative Studio
Proposed ground floor plan | Drawing: © Urban Creative Studio
Proposed first floor plan | Drawing: © Urban Creative Studio
Proposed second floor plan | Drawing: © Urban Creative Studio