sep, 2015 – by greg

We see this project as a benchmark for harnessing the synergies between living, working, and social spaces - an engine room for driving diversity and regeneration that is inherently urban, but which also connects us to the natural and to each other.

A New Creative Hub

"We are creating a new and exciting co-operative workspace. But it is much more than this - we have an opportunity to be a catalyst for the wider growth of creative industries within the precinct. "

- Client

Design Principles

01 // Adaptive Resuse

02 // Articulated Podium

03 // Landscaped Terraces

Floorplate Analysis

Toplit Atrium

Massing Articulation

Vertical Gardens

A Connected Community

Daylighting & Natural Ventilation

Ground Floor Plan

Podium Floor Plan

Apartment Floor Plan