oct, 2015 – by sarah
A New Masterplan In Malaysia

Developed in association with Architectus, together with Aspect and EcoHarvest, the Concept Masterplan proposes a new future built around a simple central proposition:

Let's work with nature, not against it.

“We want to create a development that is different to other residential developments. We want this to be distinctive, niche, the best possible outcome, the jewel in the crown.”

- Client

Composite Masterplan

Key Principles

01 // Local destination, regional attractor.

02 // Site as a connector versus terminus.

03 // Public corridor, private zones.

04 // Combining human and natural networks.

05 // Water and landscape: collect, slow, filter.

06 // Making the most of what is there.


Hilltop Cascade Tower

The brief was to capture a softly lit classic mood that defined the set of four modernist town residences. Urban Creative helped to realize a modernist look with minimalist styling in the final renderings. The imagery had a focus on the play of light and shadow across raw textures of the buildings materials. Honesty in the expression of materiality allowed the final images to capture an atmosphere with soft ambience, contrast in lighting and a focus on the vibrancy in the extensive landscaped greenery.

Pump House Square

“We have to create an environment that people want to come to, not a housing project. We should never ever settle for mediocre...

- Client Team Representative

Retention Ponds