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View from first floor living space | Photography: Urban Creative
504 Queensberry - Construction Update 01

a mid-point update on phase one of 504 Queensberry Street

oct, 2018 - by kai

We are mid-way through with the renovation works for 504 Queensberry Street in North Melbourne! This renovation is part of a dual occupancy proposal: fit out existing ground level retail and existing 3 bedrooms dwelling; and a new 3 storey townhouse to the rear.

The place is now quite a bit different from what it used to look like. Wall render to Major works had been done to replace existing stairs with a new timber stairs, including structural alteration to trim an exiting beam to allow for new stair void and new opening on first floor brick wall to open up the space between new living area and dining room. Stud framing for new walls are up and most pipe works are in place. There are still loads of works to be done but it is coming together in good shape!

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