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View from first floor living space | Photography: Urban Creative
504 Queensberry - Construction Update 02

final stretch on renovation works for existing retail and dwelling

feb, 2019 - by kai

Renovation works for 504 Queensberry Street in North Melbourne is nearing completion. Most of the alteration works are completed and only finishes and fittings yet to be done. First floor living/dining space and master bedroom is now fitted with a new timber flooring, and floor tiles to kitchen first floor terrace are completed. The kitchen joinery is now in place and ready for appliances to be installed; full height timber bi-fold door between kitchen and terrace has also been installed. The are still some finishing touches to be done on refining the finishes and details, but it is very close to its final look.

Works on ground floor retail are also in the final stretch, all the walls are in place with only plastering and painting to be completed. This project has come a long way from when it started and it is exciting to witness this project taking shape.

We will have another update when this job is a wrap, stay tuned! Meanwhile you can check out our previous construction update or read more in the project page.