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Virtual Reality set up in River Fox VR | Photography: Urban Creative Studio
Virtual Reality System launched in Urban Creative Studio

Introducing our new VR experience in architectural design

may, 2019 - by kai

We are excited to launch our new VR syetem in Urban Creative. Using River Fox VR developed by Inspace XR, we are now able to export our 3D models into VR and have a virtual walk-through in our design. VR is a powerful tool in architectural design, looking through our design in virtual space, we are able to sense the scale of the space, the layout of the room, the composition of materials, and the daylighting of the space during different seasons. VR opened up new ground in our design process, being able to walk around the project allows us to test design iterations in 3D space that papers and screens could not offer.

Find out more about the VR software we are using: River Fox VR by Inspace XR

Virtual Reality meeting with clients | Photography: Vienna Chen

We recently had our first VR meeting for our clients in Pigdon Street Extension project. We set up the meeting room into a VR play space for our clients to walk around and explore the new design of their future home extension. They were very impressed by what the VR walk-through has to offer and they are able to experience the sapce as if it was built. Special thanks to Vienna Chen from Inspace XR to assists us in our first VR meeting.

Virtual Reality meeting with clients | Photography: Urban Creative Studio